3P - principle of socially responsible way of doing business

People / Planet / Profit

In the year of 2000, World Institute for Development Economics revealed the fact that 94% of the global income is used by only 40% of the global population whereas the rest 60% has to live on only 6 remaining percents. The results of the more recent investigations showed that actually a half of the world population live on 2US$ per day or even less and nearly a billion of people live below the poverty line4 and the number increases in the countries bordering with the EU countries, even up to 50% in Albania, Kosovo etc.

We have been witnessing the various social and environmental problems; significant climate changes, excessive use of fossil fuels, devastating of the nature at all levels, the world population growth (in line with the statement of the World Bank, there were 6.3 billion people on the Earth in the year of 2003), the migrations from the rural areas to the urban ones (2/3 of the world population live in cities today), diseases (10 million children die of incurable diseases yearly), famine (more than 750.000 inhabitants have died of hunger in Somalia this year), wars, terrorism etc.

What has been done up to now by governments and various public institutions has proved insufficient and ineffective. An innovative approach through social and economic endeavors is a must-be in order for all the resources at disposal to be used for the new opportunities-the employment generators and/or new social values generators. A great hope for the benefit of mankind lies in the power and the effectiveness of the socially-motivated and strengthened individuals that live for the social changes. One of the models that mobilize the local economic activities is the social entrepreneurship, which is an important segment of the social economy sector.