European Week for Waste Reduction 2017

Social cooperative Humana Nova, as a project coordinator, announces European Week for Waste Reduction, Saturday 18th November to Sunday 26th November 2017

Five European reuse centres are participating in the project, with the aim to promote and initiate reuse to show how much waste can be avoided and resources saved by putting reuse first. The main project organizer is international network RREUSE. Humana Nova collects used textiles, clothes and footwear in Čakovec, Labin and Zagreb. This year schools, associations, citizens are taking part in the project, through collecting actions and other happenings. The total amount of collected waste will show how big is the positive effect of the reuse when talking about environment, society and economy. We are proud to be included in the reuse centres network and via this project, webpage, promote reuse in Croatia. You can follow our campaign via our Facebook page here. We invite all citizens to participate in the campaign because reuse: prevents waste disposal on landfills, prolongs product life span, reduces usage of new resources (fuels, energy, materials, etc.), reduces CO2 emission and supports local economy and creates new job positions.