Social Cooperative Humana Nova and how it all started

Social Cooperative Humana Nova Čakovec was founded in 2011, within the ESCO project – ‘’education for social entrepreneurship – new possibilities for persons with disabilities’’, led by Autonomni centar - ACT.. The main purpose of the project was to increase the employment of disabled persons in Međimurje County, to promote social inclusion and to raise awareness on the employment of disabled persons by developing sustainable models on local and national level. In 2011, 530 thousand disabled persons were recorded in Croatia, from which 12 thousand in Međimurje County. The largest number of disabled persons (49%) was of working-age population. In 2011 there were 166 disabled persons recorded in the Employment Biro record.

The ESCO project started to enable the new possibilities for disable persons and their employment. 38 persons participated in educational programs. Eight of them took the course for an office manager. Five successfully finished the course for web administrator. Nine of them pre-qualified for an accountant and eight for a sewing worker.

By the end of the project, Social Cooperative Humana Nova was formed. Today, the Cooperative is employs 16 persons – 6 with disabilities, 2 national minorities, 4 long-term unemployed elderly women, 2 long-term unemployed young mothers, 1 highly educated textile designer (this is her first job) and one manager.

Social Cooperative Humana Nova has collected 190.000,00 kilo of clothing and footwear so far, reducing the CO2 emissions in to the atmosphere by 684.000,00 kilo (emissions are produced while the textile is composed on landfills), drinkable water usage was reduced for 1.140.000,00 litter as well as artificial fertilizer usage for 57.000,00 kilo and 38.000,00 kilo of pesticides usage, in the production of textile materials.

The Cooperative also takes care for the community in which it functions. The Cooperative gave away, through donations, to about 50 families and individuals, and to about 20 local organizations.

Diversity is the one true thing that is common to all of us.

You can see how it all began on this video here.