About us

Social Cooperative Humana Nova Čakovec encourages the employment of the disabled and other socially excluded persons through the production and selling of quality and innovative textile products made from ecological and recycled fabrics for the needs of the domestic and the foreign markets. Our products are the response to the actual needs of users. Each fiber of a product embeds the satisfaction and benefit of workers, cooperatives, Nature and community. In this way our Cooperative actively contributes to the sustainable development of the local community, diminishing of poverty and nature conservation.

Social Cooperative Humana Nova Čakovec is one in a series of the social enterprises that Autonomous Centre – ACThas been running and developing in the area of the County of Međimurje.

Social Cooperative Humana Nova Čakovec is a leader of the social entrepreneurship and has been recognized in the wider regional scope. The work of the cooperative has actively and directly contributed to the establishing of a tolerant society and has in turn helped the socially excluded persons and their families in enhancing their self-reliability and the quality of life.

Togetherness, cooperation and mutuality / Quality and professional quality/ Leadership/Courage/ Sustainability (economical, social, ecological)/ Acquisition of new skills /Pleasant and motivating workplace

Why social cooperative? In line with the Croatian Act on Cooperatives, a cooperative is an economy subject in which, for the purpose of the own development, an individual entrepreneur associate with other individuals or legal entities and they thus contribute to their own and to their mutual development. The associating of the individuals with the same or similar visions in order to achieve a better-thought marketing of products in the more and more demanding market is one of the basic leading ideas in the Cooperative. The specific nature of Humana Nova reflects in the fact that its members are associations and individuals that have recognized the value of the incentives and potentials of the process of engaging the disabled and other socially excluded persons into the production of the quality and widely demanded products. The members are ready – by means of their contribution, work and financial investments- to help the cooperative to be started, to start working and to develop; they thus help the local community as well.

Why social enterprise? A social enterprise is a company that is owned by its employees and/or local community members, a company that is lead by both social and commercial objectives and that is managed commonly and on the democratic principles. (Freer Spreckley, 1981.)
The direct influence of the operation of the social companies can be seen in the economic development of a local community or a region by means of the following:

  • By means of their operations, they supplement the public interest services (for example, social services) that cannot be performed to the satisfactory level of quality by the public institutions or privately-owned profit companies;
  • By means of a contribution to a balanced use and allocation of the resources at disposal in favour of the local community;
  • By means of generating new jobs in their realms of operating; some social companies are, in turn, specially oriented towards the integration of the people who have been out of work for a long time in the labour market;
  • By means of encouraging the social cohesion and contribute to the growth and development of the social capital;
  • By means of providing support to the institutionalizing of the informal entrepreneurial activities within the private profit sector etc.